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Once you have attended Heart & Serve, you are eligible to attend Join, our membership class. In the class, Pastor Jordan Wiggins goes over our church covenant & then introduces you as a new member to the congregation in our 10:45 am service.

*Every other month at 9:00 am*


Our SERVE class helps you to find out when, where & how you can get plugged into all the different ministries at Evangel Temple. *Usually the Third Sunday of every month following the 10:45 am service*

Growth Track

The purpose of eConnect is to guide you through your journey in discovering your gifts and talents the Lord has given you. Our track is designed in a three-track process to 1) Hear the HEART of our pastor and church, 2) Discover your gifting for serving, and 3) Join the church by becoming members and linking arms to fulfilling the gospel!