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The Vibe Middle School is one of our youth ministries. Games and a high-energy environment contribute to an atmosphere in which 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades are exposed to God in a comfortable space tailored to the middle school mindset. Equal parts fun, educational and spiritual, Realife 6.8 builds the foundation for lives that pursue and love God from an early age, understanding whom He is and creating a path for success in Him.


Dusty started attending Evangel Temple in 2003 as a 6th grader. Growing up in the church, it became clear that he was called to be in the ministry. Shortly after graduating High School, he met Brittany. 4 years later they got married. Dusty and Brittany have two boys, Brave and Maverick. In January 2015, Dusty and Brittany became our Middle School Pastors. It is his passion to be a positive example for the younger generation and lead them closer to the heart of Jesus.

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SUNDAY - 10:45AM

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