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Did you know that you when you give to United Way from your paycheck that you can designate it to go to Evangel Temple Community Services?

The account number is 17820.

United Way helps support
​the following 

Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope is a ministry within Evangel focusing on outreach and reaching our community. Through Mission of Hope we have been able to buy groceries, gas, provide Christmas toys for families, partner with local non-profits, elementary schools and much more! This is a doorway to show our community the love of Jesus! 

Prison Ministries

Evangel is committed to discipling the incarcerated and building community within prison walls. They can experience regular worship services to enrich their lives during and after incarceration. Every week we have a team of volunteers that ministers in our local and state prisons. 

Juvenile Detention Ministries

At Evangel we want to walk alongside young people to teach, disciple and show them how to walk with the Lord. We build relationships that are established and maintained through ongoing involvement to help these young people navigate this critical time of their life. 

For more information visit the

United Way Northeast Florida website

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